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Posted 13 years 41 weeks ago.
File Information: 1 sec download @ 300Kb/s | 227KB Installed
Minimum Requirements: Android 1.5 or later
Full Description
  • Never forget a username or password again - ever
  • Secure and backup your passwords, credit card numbers, registration codes, PINs, and more
  • Protect yourself from identity theft, keyloggers, and phishing
  • Best selling password manager with over 500,000 users

Password security on the desktop password manager synchs with the uiq password manager
Get the SplashID Desktop for Windows and Mac OS lets you easily view and edit your sensitive personal information on your desktop computer and synchronize with your Android phone - wirelessly!

Key Features:

  • Best-selling password manager for smartphones, PDAs, and PCs
  • Unlimited number of customizable record types and categories for storing all kinds of confidential information (usernames, passwords, bank accounts, credit cards, registrations, insurance, perscriptions, and more)
  • Synchronize data between your handheld and Mac or PC using the desktop software
  • Password protection, using 256-bit Blowfish encryption, keeps your data safe and secure
  • Clickable URLs provide easy access to your web logins (desktop auto-fills logins for you!)
  • Share records with other SplashID users
  • Field masking (for sensitive data like passwords)
  • Customizable field labels
  • Enhanced security options
  • Backup and restore feature
Acer A1 Liquid
Acer beTouch E100
Acer beTouch E200
Acer DX900
Acer F900
Acer M900
Acer n10
Acer n20
Acer n20w
Acer n30
Acer n300
Acer n310
Acer n311 (5.0)
Acer n50
Acer neoTouch s200
Acer s10
Acer s50/s60
Acer X960
Airis T620
Alcatel OT 511
Alltel BlackBerry 7130
Alltel BlackBerry 7250
Alltel BlackBerry 8703e
Alltel BlackBerry 8830
Alltel BlackBerry Curve 8330
Alltel BlackBerry Pearl 8130
Alltel BlackBerry Tour 9630
Alltel HTC PPC6800
Alltel HTC Snap
Alltel HTC Touch
Alltel HTC Touch Diamond
Alltel HTC Touch Pro
Alltel Moto Q 9c
Alltel Motorola Q
Alltel Palm Treo 650
Alltel Palm Treo 700p
Alltel Palm Treo 700wx
Alltel Palm Treo 755p
Alltel Palm Treo Pro
Alltel Pearl Flip 8230
Alltel UTStarcom PPC6700
Andres Industries RPDA 696
AnexTEK SP230
iPad 3G
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G S
Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet
Arima U300
Arima U308
Asus Galaxy 7 P835
Asus Galaxy Mini
Asus M530w
Asus M536
Asus M930
Asus MyPal A600
Asus MyPal A620
Asus MyPal A620BT
Asus MyPal A626
Asus MyPal A632
Asus MyPal A636
Asus MyPal A639
Asus MyPal A686
Asus MyPal A696
Asus MyPal A716
Asus MyPal A730
Asus MyPal A730W
Asus P320
Asus P505
Asus P522w
Asus P525
Asus P526
Asus P527
Asus P535
Asus P550
Asus P552w
Asus P565
Asus P735
Asus P750
Asus Solaris
Garmin Nuvifone M20
AT&T / Cingular 2125 (5.0)
AT&T / Cingular 3125 (5.0)
AT&T / Cingular 8125 (5.0)
AT&T / Cingular 8525 (5.0)
AT&T BlackBerry 7130c
AT&T BlackBerry 7290
AT&T BlackBerry 8520
AT&T BlackBerry 8700c
AT&T BlackBerry 8800
AT&T BlackBerry 8820
AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9000
AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700
AT&T BlackBerry Curve
AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8310
AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8320
AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8900
AT&T BlackBerry Pearl
AT&T BlackBerry Pearl 8110
AT&T BlackBerry Pearl 8120
AT&T Dell Aero
AT&T Heron
AT&T HP iPAQ Glisten
AT&T HTC Tilt 2
AT&T HTC Touch Fuze
AT&T Lancaster
AT&T LG eXpo
AT&T LG Incite
AT&T LG Monaco
AT&T Motorola Backflip
AT&T Motorola Q Global
AT&T Nokia E71x
AT&T Nokia Surge
AT&T Palm Centro
AT&T Palm Treo 650
AT&T Palm Treo 680
AT&T Palm Treo 750
AT&T Pantech Duo
AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro
AT&T Samsung BlackJack II
AT&T Samsung Epix
AT&T Samsung Jack
AT&T Samsung Pivot
AT&T Samsung Propel Pro
AT&T TerreStar Genus
AT&T Tilt
Audiovox 2032SP
Audiovox 5050
Audiovox Maestro PDA1032
Audiovox PDA1032C
Audiovox PPC 4100
Audiovox PPC 6600
Audiovox PPC 6601
Audiovox PPC 6700 (5.0)
Audiovox SMT 5600
Audiovox Thera
Audiovox VX6601
BenQ E72
BenQ P30
BenQ P31
BenQ P50
BenQ P51
BlackBerry 5790
BlackBerry 5810
BlackBerry 5820
BlackBerry 6210
BlackBerry 6220
BlackBerry 6230
BlackBerry 6280
BlackBerry 6510
BlackBerry 6710
BlackBerry 6720
BlackBerry 6750
BlackBerry 7100g
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